The Benefits

Benefits of Carolina Machine Finishing

There are many benefits to the Carolina Machine Finishing process. But what is most important to new and existing home owners is to save money while achieving a beautiful look for their home's exterior. It is for this reason that, pre-priming/encapsulating your siding and other exterior products is beneficial. See how this process compares to other popular methods, such as vinyl siding. Benefits include:

A Better Paint Job

  • Uniform Finish on all materials, while reducing the cost of professional painters
  • No Lap Marks and No Shrink Lines
  • No Streaking and No Over-spray or Splatter
  • Reduces Painter Call Backs
  • Absolute Color Uniformity
  • Back Primed/Full Encapsulation, moisture protection
No Unforeseen Delays on your Project
  • No Weather Delays, the application is performed in a factory-controlled environment
  • Reduced Subcontractor Delays
  • Large selection of materials with turn around times of 2 weeks or less
A High Quality Job without Increased Costs
  • Immediate Siding Protection
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Per Square Foot Cost Savings
  • Less chance of on-site waste and loss
  • Instant Curb Appeal
  • Transferable 15/25 Paint Manufacturer's Warranty

The benefits of Carolina Machine Finishing are clear, as is seen by the building industry's recommendations. By installing Carolina Machine Finished materials, you will be taking the best step possible to ensure an unbeatable quality with exceptional performance.

Pre-priming/pre-finishing all building material surfaces prior to installation is recommended by: