Fibered Cement Shingles

Fibered cement sidewall shingles, i.e. Hardi Shingle and MaxiShingle are warranted by the manufacturers for 30 years to a Limited Lifetime. Once these sidewall shingles Carolina Machine Finished the coating is warranted by the coating manufacturer for up to 25 years or longer. These fibered cement materials are fire retardant, insect resistant, high wind resistant, have an R-value, add structural stability to the building and may actually decrease the homeowner's insurance due to its masonry composition.

These products are among the fastest growing products in the Nation and are recommended in many of the newer high-end neighborhoods. Once these materials are Carolina Machine Finished there is no comparable product that delivers a higher manufacturers warranty on the substrate and coating while increasing the marketability of the home.

Please visit the adjoining links to the leading manufacturer's websites.

Allura Fibered Cement Shingles

Nichiha Fibered Cement Shingles

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